Print is considered a traditional media, and despite declining circulation in some categories, it continues to be a viable medium. Print works well when a creative message has detailed information to relay to the consumer. One advantage of print is the ability to target a niche group of people demographically or geographically. Print offers benefits for timing of a client’s message. Newspapers, for example, convey immediacy or a sense of urgency. Magazines, on the other hand, offer a longer shelf life and extend the overall length of the message opportunity.


Radio allows an advertiser to target specific demographics efficiently while building overall reach/frequency. Peaks Advertising’s philosophy in using radio as an established media includes analysis of a station’s overall ratings. Equally important is the evaluation of audience age cell composition, station duplication and psychographic and qualitative data. In addition, radio allows for spot length flexibility the freedom to deliver multiple creative messages at low production costs as well as a variety of added-value opportunities. Peaks Advertising’s radio experience includes traditional as well as, promotions, remotes, station partnerships, endorsements and online streaming.


Cable Television is an image-building, visual medium and a good vehicle for advertisers wanting to reach a large audience with a branding message. By targeting specific programs and dayparts, television is capable of effectively delivering specific demographics while also providing demographic targeting ability, also allows an advertiser to specifically target their customer base by geographic zones.


This can include but is not limited to Freeway billboards (both static and digital), moving billboards, transit advertising, theater advertising, and more. It is a viable medium for branding as well as provides strong frequency at low CPMs.